Turkey Scopes

Let Burris help end your turkey hunt successfully. A red dot sight or low-magnification Burris riflescope can mean a fast, accurate shot.

When a turkey finally struts its way toward your blind, it’s hard to keep your heart from racing. You did the hard work of calling it in. Now make the moment count.

Fullfield II™ Riflescopes Series

Bright, proven riflescopes with simple and effective ballistic compensation. Ideal for hunting nearly all animals.

Fullfield E1™ Riflescopes Series

Versatile riflescope family with wide range of magnifications and a ballistic reticle with cascading dots to compensate for crosswinds. Ideal for hunting animals of any size at any distance.

Fullfield TAC30™ Riflescopes Series

Fast target acquisition riflescope allows for both-eyes-open shooting at close targets with an illuminated ballistic reticle to push out to mid-range distances. Ideal for CQB, law enforcement, hog hunting, and competitive use.

FastFire™ Series

SpeedBead™ Systems