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Mounting Systems

Xtreme Tactical™ Two Piece Base

These solid steel bases offer maximum mounting flexibility. They work with all Weaver-style, Picatinny-style, and mil-spec rings.

  • Engineered with minimal height and weight
  • Mil-spec cross slots guarantee rock-solid attachment
  • Reversible front base accommodates a wide variety of scope mounting lengths (most models)
  • Matte finish
Xtreme Tactical™ Two Piece Base

410600: XTB-700/7 Remington 700 Short and Long, Reversible Front Base

410605 (Discontinued): XTB-70 / Express (Win. 70 Short, Long, Express), Reversible Front Base

410606 (Discontinued): XTB-70 WSS (Win. 70 Short, Long SXR), Reversible Front Base

410615: XTB-SavR (Savage Short/Long Round Rear), Reversible Front Base

410620: XTB-SavF (Savage Short/Long Flat Rear), Reversible Front Base

410625: XTB-ABOLT (A-bolt Short & Long), Reversible Front Base

410630: XTB-TIKKA (Tikka)

410635: XTB-SAKO Dovetail (Steel base low profile) - not compatible with all tactical scope mounting rings. We recommends the use of Burris Zee, Signature Zee or XTR Signature

MSRP: $29 - $46