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Scout Riflescopes

Scout rifles are more popular than ever. This Burris scope matches them perfectly.

Best Eye Relief Scope

Specifically designed to match Scout rifles, our slim, compact optic give you low-to-medium magnification perfect for close to mid-range targets. Placed well forward on the rifle, it keeps both eyes on targets, even when they’re moving fast.

Scout scopes need extremely large eye-relief, but more than that they need to stay true to the Scout Rifle vision of Col. Jeff Cooper: hard-working, simple, quick, and deadly accurate.

Forward Mounting

Scout rifles require the scope to be mounted far forward, which means you need huge eye relief

Speed - Even with Moving Targets

Scout rifles are all about getting a quick shot from horseback or other tricky situation. The Burris Scout reticles are designed to help, not hinder, that speed.

Scout Riflescopes Features

  • Designed for shooters who need a working rifle or fighting carbine and use the multi-purpose scout rifle
  • Forward mounting design allows mounting in front of the ejection port, for extended eye relief and both-eyes-open shooting; beneficial for fast target acquisition and increased situational awareness
  • Compact and lightweight at only 9.2 in. and 7 oz. (2.75x) and 9.7 in. and 13 oz. (2x-7x); makes it easy to hold and carry your rifle in the field
  • Finger-adjustable, low-profile turrets create a sleek profile
  • Turret indications always reflect a change in the point of impact, for pinpoint accuracy
  • High-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability
  • Quality, precision-ground lenses are larger than those of comparable scopes, for better light transmission
  • Index-matched, Hi-Lume® multicoating provides low-light performance and glare elimination
  • Double internal spring-tension system allows the scope to hold zero through shock, recoil, and vibrations
  • Precision-gauged and hand-fitted internal assemblies maintain a consistent point of impact regardless of shock and vibration, and hold true through the magnification range
  • Positive steel-on-steel adjustments ensure repeatable accuracy
  • Waterproof
  • Nitrogen-filled body tubes prevent internal fogging in the cold and rain
  • Solid, 1-piece outer tube is stress-free and durable—withstands shock and vibration from even the heaviest-recoiling calibers
  • 1-in. body tube
  • Covered by the Burris Forever Warranty
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