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VIP / Guides & Outfitters Program



Exclusive Offer for Retailer Workers, Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, and Industry Experts

Join the Burris Optics program on ExpertVoice and unlock exclusive advantages designed for retail workers, law enforcement, military personnel, and industry experts. For those who qualify, ExpertVoice is a trusted platform that connects professionals with leading brands, offering insider access to top-tier products.

By becoming a part of the ExpertVoice community, you can:

  • Enjoy Exclusive Access: Access savings on Burris Optics gear through the ExpertVoice platform.
  • Learn About Burris Products: Access in depth product training and whats next for Burris Optics. 
  • Access Top Brands: Benefit from special deals and early access to products from a wide range of premium outdoor brands.

Getting started is fast, easy, and FREE. Just follow these few simple steps:

  1. Click here to sign up and follow the prompts on the screen.
  2. Create your profile, and please include your address for shipping.
  3. Request to join your team.
  4. Within 72 hours, you will receive an email denying or granting access. Be sure to click the link, verify your account, and you are all set!

For more information and to sign up, visit ExpertVoice.



Exclusive Offer for Guides & Outfitters

As part of the Burris Optics program, Guidefitter offers licensed guides and outfitters exclusive access to top-notch outdoor gear. Guidefitter is the ultimate hub for outdoor professionals, providing a platform where you can connect with fellow experts, share insights, and access pro deals from leading brands.

By joining Guidefitter, you can:

  • Unlock Exclusive Deals: Enjoy exclusive offers on Burris Optics products through the Guidefitter platform.
  • Connect with the Community: Network with other outdoor professionals, share experiences, and gain valuable advice.
  • Access Professional Tools: Utilize resources designed to help you manage your guiding business effectively, from booking management to marketing support.

Joining Guidefitter is straightforward and free for qualified professionals. Sign up today to take advantage of these exclusive benefits and enhance your outdoor adventures with Burris Optics.

For more information and to join, visit Guidefitter.