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Mounting Systems

XTR Signature Rings™

The XTR Signature Rings were designed for the tactical shooter. They deliver plenty of holding power, with less weight.

  • Unique, self-centering, dual steel clamps with full cross-through connection assure proper center on any width Picatinny rail, while adding extra strength
  • Revolutionary Pos-Align® Inserts technology, in a tactical ring configuration
  • Pos-Align Inserts guarantee perfect centering and maximum scope-to-ring contact for tremendous gripping power without damaging the scope finish
  • Lets you virtually sight in your gun without moving the scope adjustments
  • Corrects misalignment caused by off-center receiver holes
  • Corrects for bases or rings being slightly off-center
  • No need for expensive tapered bases or shimming for thousand-yard shooting
  • Rugged, robust aluminum tactical rings save weight and mount on any Picatinny and most Weaver style rails

Each ring set includes one set of the +/- 0 MOA concentric, one set each of the  +/-5 MOA and +/-10 MOA, and two sets of the +/-20 MOA. With these inserts, it is possible to make 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 40 MOA of cant in the scope mount.

Burris XTR Signature Rings™
Detailed Burris XTR Signature Rings


Item NumberMSRPSizeHeight to CenterFinishTop Ring TorqueRing Cross Bolts Torque
420210$19834 mm1 in.Matte20 inch-lbs45 inch-lbs
420211$19834 mm1.50 in.Matte20 inch-lbs45 inch-lbs
420221$13230 mm1 in.Matte20 inch-lbs45 inch-lbs
420222$13230 mm1.25 in.Matte20 inch-lbs45 inch-lbs
420223$13230 mm1.50 in.Matte20 inch-lbs45 inch-lbs
420231$1201 in.1 in.Matte20 inch-lbs45 inch-lbs
420232$1201 in.1.25 in.Matte20 inch-lbs45 inch-lbs
420233$1201 in.1.50 in.Matte20 inch-lbs45 inch-lbs

Tech Note:

XTR Signature Ring Inserts Provided:
One set of zero's 
One set of +5 and –5 (equal to +/– .005”)
One set of +10 and –10 (equal to +/– .010”)
Two sets of +20 and –20 (equal to +/–.020”)