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Eliminator Riflescopes

The most innovative and effective hunting riflescope in the world

Train Far, Hunt Responsibly, Don't Miss

The Eliminator is the most innovative and effective hunting riflescope in the world. With the push of a button, the Eliminator series ranges and displays the distance to the target (factoring in angle). It instantly determines and displays the exact aiming point and shows wind hold value all inside the scope for complete situational awareness. The Eliminator significantly increases your effectiveness as a hunter and allows you to focus on proper technique instead of the math. 

The built-in laser rangefinder in the Eliminator IV, Eliminator 5, and Eliminator 6 are capable of ranging out to 2,000 yards. Trajectory compensation is accurate at any magnification, and the integrated inclinometer compensates for shots at any uphill or downhill angle. The Eliminator series offers improved ballistics accommodating centerfire, rimfire, muzzleloader, and slug gun loads. It also comes with a wireless Bluetooth remote for laser activation. Use the BurrisConnect App to get the appropriate drop information to program your scope with your specific load data. Upload data directly to your Eliminator 6 using the BurrisConnect app. 

Built-in Laser Rangefinder

The Eliminator IV offers extended ranging capability out to 2,000 yards, a 25% increase in distance!

Improved Ballistics Database

The Eliminator IV features improved ballistics database which accommodates for centerfire, rimfire, muzzleloader and slug gun loads!

Wind Information

Adjusting your shot for wind can be the biggest challenge of all. The Eliminator doesn't measure the wind, but it knows exactly what your bullet will do at the range you're shooting. Use that information to get a more accurate wind hold off.

Compatible Reticles
Custom designed for the Eliminator to work with the scope software.
Available On: 200133, 200116, 200155, 200119
Compatible Reticles
X177 Eliminator 6 Reticle
Available On: 200177
X177 Eliminator 6 Reticle