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BurrisConnect Mobile App


A ballistics powerhouse at your fingertips, the BurrisConnect app was built to be the solution for operating the Veracity PH, live media sharing on Burris Thermal, and the go-to ballistics tool for every shooter. BurrisConnect offers users the latest in bullet data to build DOPE cards, reticle maps, Eliminator data tables, and custom rifle profiles. From seasoned long-range competition enthusiasts to those just getting their first rifle zeroed. The ever-evolving, BurrisConnect app gives you everything you need to get dialed in.

Control and program the Veracity PH

  • Store Rifle profiles and ballistic data
  • Adjust connected thermal device settings in real time via WI-FI
  • Record video and capture images remotely with your thermal device.
  • Build custom DOPE cards
  • Reticle mapping for all Burris riflescopes
  • Build Eliminator data tables