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Innovation based on Experience

The Oracle X Crossbow Scope is built on a decade of experience with rangefinding optics like the Eliminator Laserscope.

How it Works

At the push of a button the Oracle X instantly display the distance to your target and provide the perfect aiming point for your exact set up.  

Angle Compensation

The Oracle X built-in inclinometer factors in angle for shots commonly encountered in treestand hunting.

2-7x Variable Zoom

The Oracle X features magnification compensation so your aiming point stays accurate as you change magnification from 2-7 power! 

Oracle X Features


2-7X Variable Zoom with Magnification Compensation ensures your aiming point stays accurate while you zoom

Wireless Remote

Can be placed anywhere on the crossbow for added comfort and reduced movement

Integrated Inclinometer

Factor in angle for steep angles and shots common in treestand hunting

Brightness Control

Auto-Brightness and manual brightness adjustment allows you to fine-tune your aiming point

Best-In-Class Features

  • Store multiple bolt profiles
  • Modern, lightweight design is rugged and robust enough to handle any weather condition
  • Electronic Bubble Level to reduce unwanted cant
  • Precise Aluminum Mount / Adjustment System
  • Locking Screws to ensure adjustments stay in place
  • Battery Life 3000+ activations

Burris Reliability

Like with every Burris product, the Oracle X is covered by our Forever Warrant, No Questions Asked! No paperwork. No hassles. We even cover the electronics.