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Rangefinding Bow Sight provide exact distance to target and exact aiming point.


Eliminates guessing distance.

Built-in rangefinder gives exact distance to the target at full draw.

Eliminates aiming between pins.

Instantly calculates and displays the exact aiming point for any distance and shot angle.

Oracle Models

Oracle 2 Rangefinding Bow Sight

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Innovation based on Experience

The Oracle 2 is built on a decade of experience with rangefinding optics like the Eliminator Laserscope.

How it Works

At the push of a button the Oracle X and Oracle 2 instantly display the distance to your target and provide the perfect aiming point for your exact set up.  

20-Yard Fixed Pin

Features a built-in 20-yard fixed pin that has your back no matter what happens on your hunt. 

No Glass

Real hunting happens in tough conditions. The Oracle 2 was designed with no glass to scratch, fog, glare or break!

Oracle Features

Angle Compensation

Built-in inclinometer factors in angle for steep angles and shots commonly encountered in treestand hunting

Burris Reliability

Covered by the BurrisForever Warrant, No Questions Asked! No paperwork. No hassles. We even cover the electronics. 

Right or Left-hand Compatible

Quickly flip and mount for a left-handed archer. The built-in inclinometer can tell which orientation you've picked, and adapts the software automatically. 

Lightweight & Robust Design

Lightweight and robust enough to weather any conditions (shockproof, waterproof, and fogproof).

Best-In-Class Features

  • No Glass to scratch, fog, glare or break
  • 20 Yard fixed pin (failsafe)
  • Store multiple arrow profiles 
  • Locking micro adjustment knobs
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments
  • Accommodates up to 176 MOA (184 inches of drop at 100 yards.)

Oracle 2 Advancements

  • Improved Auto-Brightness Detection
  • Improved Manual Brightness Control - lower levels
  • Improved Set Up - even easier to set up and sight in

Deer and Deer Hunting's Gordy Krahn tests out the new Optic Sight from Burris. The Oracle is one heavy duty bow sight that has distance range with a push of a button.

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The best sights are those that take the guesswork out of shooting. Finding one that does this better than the Oracle from Burris is not an easy task.

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Our advice? All bowhunters need to consider this incredible design and experience its jaw-dropping capabilities.

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