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Hunting Riflescopes

At Burris we know exactly how much hunting season means to you, because we are passionate hunters too. In the field, it is all about reliability. The Burris hunting line of riflescopes builds on over 40 years of optical engineering experience to offer scopes with clarity and unfailing reliability. We guarantee it. These are the scopes you will pass along to the next generation of hunters.

Veracity PH

The perfect combination of reliability, quality, and technology delivering the fastest and most precise aiming solution in a hunting optic, ever. Dial to distance with confidence and let Burris do the math.


The Eliminator with it's built-in laser rangefinder, is the most innovative and effective hunting riflescope in the world. With the push of a button, the Eliminator instantly calculates and displays the exact aiming point and wind data all inside the scope. 

Droptine Riflescopes

Step into legendary Burris performance with a scope that steps up your game. Our reliable, high-quality glass is glare-resistant and superbly capable in low light, with a shockproof design that gives you the most for your dollar and more


Those who love muzzleloaders, slug guns, or hunting with big-bore rifles know a scope can truly bite if you squeeze one off with your face too close to the eyepiece. The compact Burris Timberline™ provides up to 5 inches of eye relief in an affordable, lightweight platform ideal for all-day grinds through brush and hilly terrain.

Fullfield II

A scope company’s always been judged by the strength of its workhorse. This is our team of Clydesdales, borne of high-performance glass in a trusted, reliable, and durable platform.

Fullfield E1 Riflescopes

If you had to pick just one scope to have in your safe, the Fullfield E1 would be a sure winner. No matter where or how you hunt — from whitetail in the woods to elk in the Rockies — the Fullfield E1 will help you fill your freezer.

Fullfield IV

The Fullfield has targeted more big game, for more hunters, in more places, than anything we offer. The next-gen IV Series amps it up with fresh 4x zoom optics, more reticle choices, sleek new profile, and a trophy-proven rep for being the only scope a rifle shooter may ever need

Signature HD Riflescopes

Designed to make the most of your experience, with the precise features, reticles, reliability and ease of use that seasoned hunters like you demand -- and the monsters you’re after can’t escape


Highly versatile, top-quality riflescope with front focal plane reticle to ensure ballistic reticle calibrations are accurate at any magnification. Ideal for mid- to long-range hunting of animals of any size.