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This series has been discontinued.


The most decorated scope in Burris history

A scope company is always been judged by the strength of their workhorse. This is our team of Clydesdales, borne of high-performance glass in a trusted, reliable, and durable platform.

The Fullfield II™ is one of the most recognized and awarded scopes in the shooting and hunting industry. Since its introduction in 1975, the Fullfield has set the standard for accuracy, and reliability. It’s still one of our most popular models with a wide selection of magnifications and features. The Fullfield II was built upon that legacy. 

High-performance glass provides excellent clarity and contrast. Multi-coated, no-glare lenses let you hunt in all lighting conditions. The simple, integrated eyepiece and power ring has no-slip grip for quick adjustment. Positive, steel-on-steel click adjustment ensures repeatable settings for accuracy, on the range and in the field.