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Ballistic Tools

Ballistic Calculator

When Precision Counts, Count on Burris

The new Burris Ballistic Services is a set of sophisticated online ballistic tools that will allow you to master any Burris ballistic compensating reticle, build a dope card, program your Eliminator riflescope, or order custom elevation and windage knobs. With our easy-to-use software, expansive cartridge and bullet libraries, and highly customizable results, the Burris Ballistic Services will turn you into a reticle expert and a pro on the shooting range.

Burris offers a wide variety of reticles, and this tool ensures you can utilize their full potential. It’s easy to match your environment, cartridge, gun and scope to provide the exact reticle data you need. Whether you dial in a solution, or prefer an exact holdover, this tool will calculate it for you. Learn precisely where your shot will fall at any distance.

These tools were developed with the serious shooter in mind, but it’s also a great way for any novice to learn more about long-range shooting.

The Eliminator laser riflescope tool allows owners to quickly get the programming numbers they need to get the full use of their extremely advanced riflescope. And with the ballistic calculator adding in environmental factors, it’s not just quicker: it’s far more accurate than ever before.


World-Class Bullet Library

Ballistics really begin with your bullet. The better the bullet info, the better your results. The Burris Ballistic Services are centered around the best bullet and cartridge libraries in the business: almost 7,000 different cartridges and bullets are included from nearly every manufacturer. Rimfire, centerfire, even muzzleloader and shotgun shells are included in our comprehensive list. It contains G1 and G7 profiles, for precise accuracy.

Handloaders can start with a similar factory- produced cartridge and customize values to match your load, or simply enter all information from scratch.

Custom Knobs

All Burris Custom Knobs are spun right here in Greeley, CO. Custom dials allow you to dial in elevation for a specific distance based on yardage. This eliminates the need to estimate hold over or dial using MIL or MOA calculations. Spin your custom elevation turret to the distance you’re shooting and squeeze the trigger, it’s that simple!

Custom knobs are a must, they save valuable time in any hunting or tactical situation. They also help eliminate mental or calculation errors helping you to focus on making that perfect shot!

PRO TIP: To extend the range of your optic even further go to the Reticle Analysis section of our website where you can enter the max distance on your custom turret as a zero number in our ballistic services section. The tool will tell you exactly what range each BDC mark is for your given reticle when dialed to your max distance!

It is strongly advised to conduct thorough research on the factory load you intend to use or while developing a custom load. Utilizing a chronograph to verify your muzzle velocity is crucial, as published numbers in reloading manuals and on factory ammunition boxes often vary significantly from actual chronographed results. Additionally, we recommend inputting your data with precise environmental conditions or, preferably, the Density Altitude (DA). Having these specific numbers will greatly enhance the accuracy of the output data generated by our program.

When ordering custom knobs, it is advisable to analyze average weather patterns to estimate the Density Altitude before finalizing your turret specifications. It's essential to recognize that physical elevation and Density Altitude can differ significantly.

Please refrain from requesting profanity in the custom text section for custom knobs. We will not laser it. 

What we need to make you a custom dial:

  • Scope Model
  • Scope Height Above Bore
  • Zero Distance
  • Ammo
  • Muzzle Velocity (chronographed loads produce the best results)
  • Elevation/ Density Altitude (an average can be used)
  • Temp (an average can be used)

Custom knobs are available for the following Burris scopes:

  • AR Riflescopes
  • MSR Riflescopes
  • C4 Plus
  • Predator Quest
  • Droptine
  • Veracity
  • Fullfield E1
  • XTR II
  • XTR 3
  • Signature HD
  • RT-15 & RT-25