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Oracle X Crossbow Rangefinding Scope

The Oracle X is the first and most advanced rangefinding crossbow scope on the market today! Built on a decade of experience with rangefinding optics like the Eliminator riflescope. The Oracle X features a built-in laser rangefinder that is activated via the wireless remote or the range button on the scope.

At the push of a button, the Oracle X instantly displays the distance to your target and provides an exact aiming point factoring in the angle of your shot. The aiming point will also change to stay accurate not matter where you are within the 2-7 power zoom range! The Oracle X is lightweight and robust enough to weather any conditions and as always is back by the Burris Forever Warranty. 

MSRP: $1,200
Burris Optics Crossbow rangefinding scope
Burris Optics Crossbow scope has built in laser rangefinder


Item NumberMSRPWeightBatteryBattery LifeLaser to Reflective TargetLaser to Deer
300410$1,20030.8 oz.CR1233,000+500 yds200 yds

2023 Editors Choice Award

Petersen's Hunting Annual Gear Guide is a renowned publication celebrated for its thorough reviews and expert evaluations of hunting equipment and accessories. Each year, their Editor's Choice awards honor exceptional products in the industry, selected through meticulous testing and analysis. Winning a Petersen's Hunting Editor's Choice award signifies outstanding quality, performance, and innovation. We are proud to announce that Burris Optics' Oracle X Rangefinding Crossbow Sight has earned this prestigious accolade for 2023, showcasing its superior features and reliability.

Oracle X Crossbow Rangefinding Scope Features

  • 2-7X Variable Zoom with Magnification Compensation ensures your aiming point stays accurate while you zoom
  • Wireless Remote can be placed anywhere on the crossbow for added comfort and reduced movement
  • Forever Warranty backs the Oracle X No Questions Asked
  • Integrated Inclinometer factors in angle for steep angles and shots common in tree stand hunting
  • Electronic Bubble Level to reduce unwanted cant
  • Precise aluminum mount / adjustment system
  • Locking Screws to ensure adjustments stay in place
  • Battery Life 3000+ activations
  • Minimum range: 5 yds
  • Built on a Decade of Experience with Rangefinding Optics like the Eliminator Riflescope
  • Modern, Lightweight Design is rugged and robust enough to handle any weather condition

Additional Specifications:

  • Length: 11.9”
  • Width: 2.95”
  • Height: 3.28”
  • Center to base height : 2.0”
  • Field of View: Low – 47ft @ 100 yd / High – 14ft @ 100yd

Technical Note:

  • It is recommended to remove the battery after use to maintain battery life. 
  • For crossbows exceeding 400 FPS we recommend using 40, 60, 80, 100 yards for your trueing points. This will ensure that you get the best ballistic curve for your crossbow. 



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