Big game hunting

is the ultimate adventure. The challenge, the excitement, and the once-in-a-lifetime trophies create amazing memories. It also creates the need for the exact equipment and scopes, so Burris designs premium hunting riflescopes ideal for taking down big game.

Below are the scopes we'd recommend considering for big game hunting:

Veracity Riflescopes

  Highly versatile, top-quality riflescope with front focal plane reticle to ensure ballistic reticle calibrations are accurate at any magnification. Ideal for mid- to long-range hunting of animals of any size.

Fullfield E1 Riflescopes

Versatile riflescope family with wide range of magnifications and a ballistic reticle with cascading dots to compensate for crosswinds. Ideal for hunting animals of any size at any distance.


AR Riflescopes

Custom riflescope with adjustment knob and WindMap™ that matches your ammunition; features normally available on scopes double or triple the price. Ideal for engaging targets and game at longer distances with your AR.

Droptine Riflescopes

Most affordable riflescope line with ballistic and mil-dot reticle options. Ideal for hunting whitetail and a large variety of game.

Scout Riflescopes | Best Eye Relief Scope

Compact, slim riflescope, designed to be mounted forward of the ejection port and intended for both-eyes-open shooting. Ideal for close- to mid-range hunting and rapid target engagement.

RT Riflescopes

Laser Rangefinder: Eliminator Laserscope

Modern riflescopes feature a built-in laser rangefinder that ranges targets and automatically provides holdover for your exact cartridge. Ideal for mid- to long-range, uphill, downhill, or otherwise challenging shots.

Signature HD Riflescopes

Fullfield IV Riflescopes

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