Long Range Scopes

Push your shooting distance and fine-tune your accuracy with a quality Burris riflescope.

Engaging long-range targets is not a job for just any scope. Burris long-range riflescopes provide trajectory-compensating reticles to push your capability to 1,000 yards or beyond. Hone your accuracy with sophisticated features like Zero Click Stop and multi-turn target knobs.

XTR II™ Riflescopes Series

Advanced tactical riflescope line with wide magnification range; front-, rear-, and dual-focal-plane reticle options; and dimensionally-matched precision adjustment knobs and reticle designs. Diverse lineup has a model ideal for any tactical or hunting situation.

AR Riflescopes™ Series

Custom riflescope with adjustment knob and WindMap™ that matches your ammunition; features normally available on scopes double or triple the price. Ideal for engaging targets and game at longer distances with your AR.

MSR Riflescopes™ Series

Most affordable riflescope line with cartridge-matched ballistic reticle for popular tactical calibers. Ideal for long-distance and competitive shooting with your modern sporting rifle.

Veracity™ Riflescopes Series

  Highly versatile, top-quality riflescope with front focal plane reticle to ensure ballistic reticle calibrations are accurate at any magnification. Ideal for mid- to long-range hunting of animals of any size.