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This product has been discontinued.

XTR II Riflescopes

XTR II™ Riflescope 2-10x42mm

The 2-10x42 is an extremely popular all-around size for competition and hunting. The 2x lower end makes for an extremely wide field-of-view, allowing easy through-the-scope scanning. The 10x upper end is enough for all but the longest range shots. It makes for easy transitions from close-quarter to mid-range shooting. 

 And it’s protected forever by the Burris Forever Warranty™.

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Item NumberMSRPDescriptionReticlesColorKnob StyleIlluminationIllumination ControlIllumination SettingsMagnificationObjective DiameterObjective Lens DiameterFinishOcular DiameterFocal PlaneMain Tube SizeField of ViewEye ReliefExit Pupil (low - high)Click ValueElevation Adjustment, Total CapabilityWindage AdjustmentParallax/FocusParallaxLengthWeightBattery
201023DISCONTINUED$1,079Mil-based G2BG2B Mil-Dot™Matte BlackExposed TacticalYesRotary dial; intermediate battery-saver stops11 brightness settings2-10x49.5 mm42 mmMatte44.25 mmFront Focal Plane34 mm52 – 10.5 ft.3.5 - 4.25 in.12 - 4.2 mm1/10 mil90 MOA / 26 mil55 MOA / 16 milSide focus / PA50 yds. – infinity13.5 in.28.8 oz.CR2032
201022DISCONTINUED$1,139MOA based SCRSCR™ MOAMatte BlackExposed TacticalYesRotary dial; intermediate battery-saver stops11 brightness settings2-10x49.5 mm42 mmMatte44.25 mmFront Focal Plane34 mm52 – 10.5 ft.3.5 - 4.25 in.12 - 4.2 mm1/4 MOA90 MOA55 MOASide focus / PA50 yds. – infinity13.5 in.28.8 oz.CR2032
Compatible Reticles
G2B Mil-Dot™
Versatile, combat-proven reticle ideal for mid- to long-range tactical shooting.
Available On: 201023
Compatible Reticles
Non-illuminated version of the SCR MOA reticle.
Available On: 201022
G2B Mil-Dot™

XTR II™ Riflescope 2-10x42mm Features

  • Designed for serious, technical, long-range precision rifle shooters—both tactical and competitive
  • Front focal plane reticle design allows the reticle size to increase or decrease as magnification is increased or decreased; trajectory compensation is always correct and proportional for the selected power setting; also called first focal plane or FFP
  • Reticle measurements remain correct and proportional to the target, regardless of power setting; important in tactical situations when determining target size and distance is critical
  • 34 mm body tube
  • Ergonomic side focus and easy-to-reach parallax adjustment from 50 yds. to infinity for improved accuracy at long distances
  • Excellent resolution optics and tactical-appropriate reticles and adjustment knobs make it easier to identify targets and adjust for windage and elevation
  • Versatile 5-times zoom system allows for a larger field of view at close ranges and better target acquisition at long ranges
  • Zero Click Stop adjustment knobs let you quickly and easily revert back to the original yardage setting without counting clicks
  • Advanced windage and elevation adjustments are fast and easy; accurate and repeatable reticle adjustments match the measurement system of the reticle
  • High-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability
  • Index-matched Hi-Lume® multicoating aids in low-light performance and glare elimination, increasing your success rate
  • Illuminated reticle reduces time to get on target in any lighting condition and dramatically increases accuracy when target is dark
  • 11 brightness settings (spanning night vision, low light, and daytime), with a convenient battery-saver position between each setting
  • Triple internal spring-tension system allows the scope to hold zero through shock, recoil, and vibrations
  • Waterproof
  • Nitrogen-filled body tubes prevent internal fogging in the cold and rain
  • Precision-gauged and hand-fitted internal assemblies maintain a consistent point of impact through the magnification range, regardless of shock and vibration
  • Solid, 1-piece outer tube is stress-free and durable; withstands shock and vibration from even the heaviest-recoiling calibers
  • Covered by the Burris Forever Warranty
  • Features models with either the versatile, combat-proven G2B Mil-Dot™ front focal plane reticle (201023) or the competition-proven SCR reticle (201022)
  • Multi-turn windage and elevation knobs have a 1/10-mil click value adjustment and feature true Zero Click Stop
  • Features the SCR™ MOA illuminated front focal plane special competition reticle for precision competition use (201022 only)
  • Features XT-100 click adjustment knob, with 100 clicks per rotation; can take most tactical calibers out past 1,000 yards in a single turn
  • Extended illumination area lets you engage targets at long distance even in low light
  • Vertical crosshair features 1-MOA marks for distance holdover (201022 only)
  • Horizontal crosshair has 1/2-MOA and 1-MOA lines for windage hold-off (201022 only)
  • 1/4-MOA brackets at the top, left extreme, and right extreme of the crosshair, for precise ranging (201022 only)