Close to Mid-Range Scopes

Burris offers tactical optics that accommodate both close and mid-range shots with speed and accuracy.

A tactical shooter has to be prepared. Whether the threat is down the street or just around the corner, be prepared with a Burris on your rifle.


RT Riflescopes

Veracity Riflescopes

  Highly versatile, top-quality riflescope with front focal plane reticle to ensure ballistic reticle calibrations are accurate at any magnification. Ideal for mid- to long-range hunting of animals of any size.

Signature HD Riflescopes

Fullfield IV Riflescopes

RT Long Range Riflescopes

Scout Riflescopes | Best Eye Relief Scope

Compact, slim riflescope, designed to be mounted forward of the ejection port and intended for both-eyes-open shooting. Ideal for close- to mid-range hunting and rapid target engagement.

MSR Riflescopes

Most affordable riflescope line with cartridge-matched ballistic reticle for popular tactical calibers. Ideal for long-distance and competitive shooting with your modern sporting rifle.
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