3-Gun Scopes

Burris riflescopes, tactical sights, and red dot optics are just what fast-action 3-Gun competitors need.

These optics can take a beating and perform round after round. You’ll be faster and more accurate with a Burris on your gun.

XTR II™ Riflescopes Series

Advanced tactical riflescope line with wide magnification range; front-, rear-, and dual-focal-plane reticle options; and dimensionally-matched precision adjustment knobs and reticle designs. Diverse lineup has a model ideal for any tactical or hunting situation.

Fullfield II™ Riflescopes Series

Bright, proven riflescopes with simple and effective ballistic compensation. Ideal for hunting nearly all animals.

Fullfield E1™ Riflescopes Series

Versatile riflescope family with wide range of magnifications and a ballistic reticle with cascading dots to compensate for crosswinds. Ideal for hunting animals of any size at any distance.

Fullfield TAC30™ Riflescopes Series

Fast target acquisition riflescope allows for both-eyes-open shooting at close targets with an illuminated ballistic reticle to push out to mid-range distances. Ideal for CQB, law enforcement, hog hunting, and competitive use.

MTAC™ Riflescopes Series

Versatile tactical riflescope line. Low-power models feature ballistic reticles and high-power models feature mil-dot reticles to suit multiple applications. Ideal for CQB and dangerous game hunting as well as mid- to long-distance shooting.

AR Sights Series

FastFire™ Series

SpeedBead™ Systems