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Race Dial

The Burris Race Dial elevation turret lets you write directly on this “whiteboard” style turret. Using a dry erase marker you can mark each target on a given stage for your specific ballistic data.

If you’re a precision rifle competitor, you know exactly what this is and why it’s awesome!

Easily wipe the markings off the dial face and repeat. As an alternative the dial is the same width as cellophane tape so your target marks can be recorded on tape and easily removed as well. To make your XTR III even faster check out the custom Throw Lever

  • Whiteboard Turret for custom dope markings
  • Available with MIL or MOA markings
  • Fits all Burris XTR III riflescopes
  • Tick marks remain, but numbered indicators have been removed to provide room for handwritten data
  • Permanent markers will work in a pinch (removable with the aid of rubbing alcohol or acetone)
  • 3 / 4” height is common with the width of most transparent tapes
  • Blade slot allows for quick removal of tape between stages
Burris race dial for XTR III riflescopes
Burris race dial for XTR III riflescopes work for MIL or MOA markings