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Throw Lever

The Burris Throw Lever provides a simple mechanical advantage for faster and easier changes in magnification on your variable riflescope. Allowing you to adjust the magnification of your scope to the ideal setting for your current engagement.

Burris throw level shown in position on a riflescope
Burris throw level for riflescopes

Be quicker to adjust 

Whether it’s cold and you’re wearing gloves, or it’s your first time at a match, and you’re palms are all sweaty because you are nervous and oops you just realized you accidentally wiped your dope off your armband (man, you really should have bought a Race Dial while you were ordering the throw lever).

Fits all XTRIIIXTRII, and Veracity riflescopes
Large, textured paddle for positive manipulation of the lever, even with gloves
6 points that engage with the magnification ring to eliminate slippage
Single 7/64 hex screw secures the lever to the scope
Durable one-piece 6061 T6 Aluminum construction