T.M.P.R. Prism Sights Series


Burri's new premium prism sight is your single AR sighting soultion. It provides an ultra-wide field of view, illuminated ballistic reticle, and powers a secondary red dot and laser pointer. The T.M.P.R. System is a modular system of purpose-specific optics that can be used individually or in combination to create the ultimate sight for any situation. T.M.P.R. components can be attached on top, left or right side of the prism sight. Each T.M.P.R. System component has its own battery. When connected to a T.M.P.R. prism sight, they can be powered by the prism sight's high-capacity CR123 battery with power sharing connectors. 

Shared Features

  • Rugged and reliable sight with ultra-wide field of view
  • Shares power with T.M.P.R. components: Fast Fire M3 and Laser Sight (both sold separately)
  • Circular reticle for ultra-fast engagements at close quarters and trajectory compenstation to 600 yards
  • 7 illumination levels - from day-light bright to night vision capable
  • Red / Green / Blue illumination - Black when battery is off
  • Precision, Retun-to-Zero Quick Detach Mount
  • Battery life 1,000+ hours