T.M.P.R. System Prism Sight

Laser, FastFire and our Best Prism Sight combined into one battery-sharing package

The T.M.P.R.™ SYSTEM is a modular system of purpose-specific optics that can be used individually or in combination to create the ultimate sight for any situation.  Each T.M.P.R. System component has its own battery. 

When connected to a T.M.P.R. prism sight, they can be powered by the prism sight’s high-capacity CR123 battery.

T.M.P.R. components can be attached on top, left or right side of the prism sight.


  • Rugged and reliable sight with ultra-wide field of view
  • Shares power with T.M.P.R. components: Fast Fire M3 and Laser Sight (both sold separately)
  • Circular reticle for ultra-fast engagements at close quarters and trajectory compenstation to 600 yards

7 illumination levels - from day-light bright to night vision capable Red / Green / Blue illumination - Black when battery is off Precision, Retun-to-Zero Quick Detach Mount Battery life 1,000+ hours

Compatible Reticles

FastFire™ 3-MOA Dot
FastFire 3-MOA Dot | Burris Optics
3 MOA sized red dot, perfect for more precise targetting

Available On: FastFire 3, T.M.P.R.
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FastFire 3-MOA Dot | Burris Optics
"The T.M.P.R Laser Sight is perfect for low-light, fast-action tactical shooting and home defense scenarios."
"Waterproof, fog proof, shockproof and backed by the legendary, no-questions-asked Forever Warranty."
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