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F-Class MOA

Dominate long-distance targets with the versatile F-Class MOA reticle. It’s specifically optimized for F-class competition and other long-distance shooting.

  • Illuminated center dots at the 0, 10, 20, and 30 MOA marks —unlike any other reticle of its kind
  • Front focal plane reticle means trajectory compensation and wind hold-off references are accurate at any magnification
  • 0.5-MOA grid design is accurate at any magnification
  • A secondary, 20-MOA-offset, 0.5-MOA grid provides an extra 20 MOA of additional adjustment, with the MOA hash marks for wind hold-off still visible
  • Second MOA grid has horizontal wind hold-off references
  • Ultra-fine crosshair at each 10 MOA section
  • 0.5-MOA illuminated dot at each 10 MOA section for maximum versatility
F Class MOA Reticle
Burris F Class MOA Subtension

F-Class MOA Products