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January 13, 2022

XTR Pro Review

The XTR riflescope series has earned its place amongst tactical scope enthusiasts purely on its merits.
By Ja Hymer

Back in 2008, Burris Optics revised the popular Fullfield scope and took a major leap into the fast-growing tactical optic market with the release of the Xtreme Tactical Scope, or better known as the XTR with a focus on durability and tactical reticle options not found on a Burris scope prior. Five years later in 2013, the bar was raised once again with the release of the XTR II Series of scopes, which quickly earned a reputation as being one of the most durable and reliable optics on the market to be had at any price. The XTR II’s tracking is bulletproof, making it one of the most solid scope offerings in its price point. The best way to describe it over the 8 years it's currently been on the market, is “it's a tank". Serious shooters know they can rely on it to take whatever they dish out without failure. The XTR II has earned its place amongst tactical scope enthusiasts in the sub $1k price point purely on its merits.

At Shot Show in 2019, Burris revealed to the market its next step in the drive towards quality competition and tactical riflescopes delivering us the XTR III designed, engineered, and manufactured in Greeley Colorado. It was a deviation from other designs on the market, pioneering its own features not found anywhere else.

There were those who had doubts. Social media outlets were rampant. Some thought the mid-tier price point was out of Burris' market, but it didn't take long to silence the doubters. The performance of the XTR III with its peer leading field of view, clear glass, and easy on the eyes sight picture won over any doubters. It quickly became clear that in side-by-side comparisons against its sub $2k competitors, the XTR III was a solid choice. It wasn’t long before it became part of  conversations whenever the subject of "what to buy" was brought up on forums and Facebook pages. Like the XTR II, it had won over the market through performance.

So what next? Innovation is at the core of Burris Optics, and with the XTR line safely secure as a worthy choice for extreme shooting enthusiasts, the only logical step was to keep pushing the envelope! 

New for 2022 is the Burris XTR PRO!! It comes standard in a 5.5-30×56 configuration, with a list of features so deep that I'm not aware of another optic on the market. Keeping true to the original XTR, the new Pro is incredibly tough and offers reticle options demanded by today’s pinnacle shooters. Building on a legacy of innovation, the XTR Pro offers new features offered only by Burris.

At the top of the list, is the new Toolless Zero Click Stop system designed to allow you to not only quickly set zero on your optic but also to set below zero if they choose! This system sits below the included Race Dial or standard black with extremely bright and visible turret markings. The popular Race Dial, allows you to mark your targets before a competitive stage on a whiteboard-like material. These turrets swap quickly and simply by pressing side-release buttons, lifting, and swapping. The turret has moved to 12 mils per rotation.

The XTR Pro now boasts illumination and not just any illumination. You have your choice of red or green by a simple toggle of the illumination dial, and three different reticle options to choose from. The popular SCR2 is back, along with the SCR2 with .25 mil markings, and the Tremor 5. Three excellent reticle choices. The locking diopter and capped windage have also carried over as a popular feature from the XTR III, along with the included sunshade. Also included is an aluminum, built-to-fit magnification throw lever. 

The external features and greater usability are just part of this new release. The XTR PRO also sports upgraded glass, which makes it a very impressive step up from the XTR III which already was very competitive in that aspect! I had the privilege of testing this optic early on and side by side with popular competitors, or perhaps what one may consider tier-one alpha class scopes, the XTR PRO looked very impressive! On my range days, I had it alongside the 35x Nightforce ATACR and a Kahles K525i. Other mid-tier scopes were along for the ride but were quickly passed over. The rubber really met the road when compared to the more expensive competitive offerings. It quickly became clear that the glass quality of the XTR PRO had indeed stepped out of the middle tier, sub $2k price point category. The eye box of the XTR PRO is user-friendly and generous, with good clarity and an edge-to-edge sight picture. No large black ring scope tube body to peer through. The glass is very bright and holds up well even as you turn the lever past 20x and 25x and head for 30. Chromatic aberration is very well controlled and the ability to distinguish detail at high magnification and distance is excellent! Low light performance is also very good, as one of my range days with it was overcast and blustery snow. The scope has performed very well in a variety of conditions and lighting. The magnification ring and turrets are smooth. The turrets are tactile enough to be felt through gloves. Simply put, this scope hits on all cylinders.

The folks in Greeley, Colorado have once again forged ahead with an innovative tactical optic. The XTR PRO is clearly going to compete at the highest level, and redefine exactly what constitutes a peer optic to the guys and gals at Burris Optics!

About the Author

Ja Hymer lives in Boise Idaho and shoots competitively year round in 3 Gun and Precision Rifle, with a little Steel Challenge and USPSA on the side. He had six top 4 finishes in the five state Rocky Mountain Region of the PRS Club Series in 2017, including two wins.

XTR Pro Series

XTR Pro Series

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