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US Thermal Warranty

Burris Thermal Optics Warranty (U.S.)

Burris warrants that its Thermal Optics are free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. Burris will repair or replace, at its option, any Burris Thermal Optic providing our factory examination reveals a defect exists and does not disclose evidence of abuse or damage caused by improper handling or installation, improper maintenance, or that unauthorized repair has been attempted.

You can register your product through our Customer Support portal or request an RMA by contacting Burris Technical Support at 888.440.0244.

If the Burris Thermal Optics Warranty is not registered within 30 days of purchase, and proof of purchase is not provided, the warranty period reverts to 3 years from the date of manufacture. All shipping, handling, insurance costs, etc., for the return of the product to Burris in Greeley, CO are the responsibility of the person returning it.

This warranty gives the owner certain legal rights, and possibly other rights which may vary from state to state.