XTR II Close Range Scopes

The need for extreme precision grows exponentially with distance

The Burris XTR II™ is our top of the line tactical scope family.  XTR II scopes are available in sizes from 1-5x to 8-40x.

The short range XTR II scopes are designed for intense competitive use and profressional tactical situations. Because it comes down to a matter of inches when a door blows open and you’ve got less than a second to clear a room. This is no time for chance. It’s time to put absolute confidence in yourself and the crystal clear, low-magnification performance of your scope to get you out of harm’s way.

MAD Knobs System

Some XTR II close range scopes are available with the Burris MAD Knob system: you can swap out turret caps for tactical, short capped, or mixed. Whatever works for you.

Big Features, Small Magnification

Short zoom doesn't mean shorting the features. 11 steps of magnification. Front, rear or dual focal plane options, 34mm tubes, big, easy-grip zoom ring...the features keep going

Goes to Eleven

XTR II's feature an 11 step illumination, to match every conceivable situation. With an OFF position in between each level - you don't need to go past levels you don't want to get where you need to be.

Focal Choices

The short range XTR II scopes are available in front, rear, or even dual focal planes. Burris wanted to make a scope that matches your style exactly.


  • Excellent resolution optics and tactical-appropriate reticles and adjustment knobs make it easier to identify targets and adjust for windage and elevation
  • Versatile 5-times zoom system allows for a larger field of view at close ranges and better target acquisition at long ranges
  • Zero Click Stop adjustment knobs let you quickly and easily revert back to the original yardage setting without counting clicks
  • Advanced windage and elevation adjustments are fast and easy; accurate and repeatable reticle adjustments match the measurement system of the reticle
  • Most models feature ergonomic side focus, and easy-to-reach parallax adjustment from 50 yds. to infinity (not available on 1x-5x and 1.5x-8x models)
  • High-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability
  • Index-matched Hi-Lume® multicoating aids in low-light performance and glare elimination, increasing your success rate
  • Illuminated reticle reduces time to get on target in any lighting condition and dramatically increases accuracy when target is dark
  • 11 brightness settings (spanning night vision, low light, and daytime), with a convenient battery-saver position between each setting (non-illuminated models also available).
  • Double internal spring-tension system allows the scope to hold zero through shock, recoil, and vibrations
  • Waterproof
  • Nitrogen-filled body tubes prevent internal fogging in the cold and rain
  • Precision-gauged and hand-fitted internal assemblies maintain a consistent point of impact through the magnification range, regardless of shock and vibration
  • Solid, 1-piece outer tube is stress-free and durable; withstands shock and vibration from even the heaviest-recoiling calibers
  • Covered by the Burris Forever Warranty
XTR II in action
XTRII 1-5x24mm
XTRII 1-5x24mm
XTRII Combo 1-5x24mm
XTRII Combo 1-5x24mm
XTRII 1.5-8x28mm
XTR II 1.5-8x28mm
XTRII Combo 1.5-8x28mm
XTRII Combo 1.5-8x28mm
XTR II 1-8x24mm
XTR II 2-10x42mm
XTR II 2-10x42mm

Compatible Reticles

XTR II Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3
Short range accuracy, with quick target acquistion

Available On: 1-5x, 1.5-8x
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"From what I have seen it is an outstanding scope for the budget minded shooter, with a huge bang for the buck."
Tactical Gun Review
"This scope offers excellent quality and top-end performance."
"What Burris delivered with the XTRII sets the bar for the rest of the market..."
"Burris XTR II scopes deliver far more than the modest-for-category price tags."
Patriot Defense
"Optical quality is top notch, and the optic itself is rugged and simple."
Rifle Optics World
"Like many other Burris scopes, the C4 Plus and XTR II definitely do more than just get the job done—they earn their users’ trust."
American Rifleman
"The Burris’ premier XTR II lineup is definitely one of the optic lines pushing the envelope of higher quality."
The Shooter's Log
"There is a lot to love about this scope and not much at all to hate..."
The Shooter's Log
XTR II User Guide
October 29, 2015
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