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Speed and Accuracy. Accuracy and Speed. Whichever you want first, the Burris RT-6 delivers.

Everything about the Burris RT-6™ was designed for competition and fun tactical shooting. It’s short -- shorter than even most 1-4x scopes -- for quicker, easier handling. The 1-6x zoom starts at a true 1x, for both-eyes-wide-open target acquisition. The 6x top end wll get you out past 600 yards. The Ballistic AR mil reticle combines a very fast target-acquisition center with trajectory compensation for distance shots.

Ballistic  AR™ mil reticle with trajectory compensation out to 600 yards.

Even the patented built-in throw lever is all about speed: it is adjustable, and can be moved both fore and aft, as well as rotated to the exact starting point you prefer.

Combo Kit.

Available in Combo Kit with P.E.P.R.™ Mount and FastFire 3


Accuracy is always critical. But how quickly you can get to that accurate aim point: that's what gets you to the prize table. The RT-6 is built around quick accuracy.

Speed lever built-in.

The integrated throw lever makes fast zoom changes easy. It's adjustable, to make sure it falls easily to hand. That's faster.


  • Shorter even than most 1-4x scopes for quicker, easier handling
  • The 6x zoom has true 1x setting for eyes open engagement.
  • Ballistic AR™ mil reticle with trajectory compensation out to 600 yards
  • The warranty is forever.

Compatible Reticles

Ballistic 5X
Ballistic 5X | Burris Optics
MIL based with trajectory out to 600 yards, plus center circle for very fast target acquisition at close ranges

Available On: RT-6
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Ballistic 5X | Burris Optics
"Burris RT6 1-6x24mm an impressive Budget Tactical Optic."
Guns & Tech
"An excellent 1-6 power scope perfect for competition, duty, or self-defense."
"The Burris RT-6 Riflescope is built for stupid fast speed."
"Competitive shooters can now get a leg up on the competition with the RT-6."
"Built for speed, accuracy and easy handling, the RT-6 is guaranteed to shave seconds off the clock when it counts most."
RT-6 Riflescope Manual
March 31, 2022
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