Laser Rangefinder: Eliminator Laserscope

The most innovative and effective hunting riflescope in the world

The Eliminator Laserscope is the most innovative and effective hunting riflescope in the world. With the push of a button, the Eliminator ranges and displays the distance to the target (factoring in angle). It instantly calculates and displays the exact aiming point and wind data all inside the scope for complete situational awareness. No need for wasting time with separate rangefinders, apps or smartphones. The Eliminator significantly increases your effectiveness as a hunter and the distance at which you can ethically take game. 

The built-in laser rangefinder is now capable of ranging out to 2,000 yards. Trajectory compensation is accurate at any magnification, and the integrated inclinometer compensates for shots at any uphill or downhill angle. The Eliminator IV and Eliminator V offer improved ballistics accommodating for centerfire, rimfire, muzzleloader and slug gun loads. It also comes with a wireless remote for laser activation.

Discover more about the Eliminator family:

Built-in Laser Rangefinder

The new Eliminator IV offers extended ranging capability out to 2,000 yards, a 25% increase in distance!
View the Eliminator IV

Improved Ballistics Calculator

The Eliminator IV features improved ballistics calculator which accommodates for centerfire, rimfire, muzzleloader and slug gun loads!

Built-in Inclinometer

Shooting up, or down, steep hills can seriously throw off your aim point. The Eliminator accounts for that.

Eliminate Guesswork

How far do you hold over at each distance to ensure a kill shot? The Eliminator calculates the perfect holdover at your exact distance for your exact cartridge.



  • Built-in rangefinder saves time and allows you to range your target without carrying additional equipment. No need for separate rangefinders, apps or smart phones. 
  • Eliminator IV Laser features rangefinding capability out to 2,000 yards.
  • Calculates the perfect holdover at your exact distance. Simply push the button and a bright-red dot shows your exact aiming point.
  • Integrated inclinometer adjusts for any angle on uphill or downhill shots.


  • Simply enter your Muzzle Velocity, Sight Height Above Bore, Bullet Info, Elevation, and Temp at our Ballistics app. Plug that four digit code in your scope, zero the scope and you are good to go! 
  • Eliminator IV features an improved ballistics calculator that accommodates centerfire, rimfire, muzzleloader and slug gun loads.
  • Trajectory compensation works on any power.
  • Range your target in yards or meters—your choice.


  • Reticle displays a 10 m.p.h. wind value to indicate wind hold-off for your specific cartridge at the indicated range to target.
  • Wind Value represents how many dots to hold into the wind for a 10 m.p.h. crosswind; the shooter estimates actual wind speed and uses the Wind Value as a guide to determine the number of dots to hold into the wind.
  • While complete wind compensation is not fully automated within the scope, it gives the shooter the tools needed to make a calculated hold-off estimate. In addition to distance, the scope’s digital display will show a 10 mph Wind Value for your specific cartridge at the indicated range to your target.


  • High-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability.
  • Quality, precision-ground lenses are larger than comparable scopes, for better light transmission.
  • Index-matched, Hi-Lume® multicoating aids in low-light performance and glare elimination, increasing your success rate.


  • Integrated scope mounts allow quick easy mounting on any Weaver or Picatinny base.
  • A double, internal-spring tension system allows the scope to hold zero through shock, recoil, and vibrations.
  • Positive, steel-on-steel adjustments ensure repeatable accuracy.
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries that lasts through 5,000 range cycles.
  • Parallax adjustment from 30 yds. to infinity.
  • Guaranteed by the Burris Forever Warranty

Compatible Reticles

X96 Reticle Subtension Chart
Custom designed for the Eliminator to work with the scope software

Available On: 3-12x44mm, 4-16x50mm, 5-20x50mm
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X96 Reticle Subtension Chart
February 14, 2019

Upgrading to a Burris Eliminator - and success!

Guest blog post from William Litchfield 

I committed that mortal sin this year and used an old, cheap, inconsistent scope that has been problematic in the past...After going to the range and confirming it was a cheap scope that I shouldn’t have ever been using in the first place, I went to our local sporting goods store to fix the problem.  I was immediately attracted to the Burris Eliminator III.

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"The Eliminator III works exactly as advertised."
American Hunter
"One of the most advanced tactical and hunting rifle scopes on the market."
Target Tamers
"The Burris Eliminator III can be a far-sighted miracle."
Mounts Plus
"It takes the Ron Popeil “Set It and Forget It” approach to riflescopes, automating rangefinding and shooting."
Chuck Hawks
"This model is one of the closest scopes to enabling you to become an instant long range hunter without all the man hours at the range."
Target Tamers
"The first no apologies, no excuses, long range hunting rifle scope."
Chuck Hawks
"The Eliminator is a quality optic with a customized bullet drop compensator coupled with a rangefinder."
Arms Bearing Citizen
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