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Discontinued Product

XTR II Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3

The XTR II Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3 reticle is made for ultra-fast target engagement at short distances and trajectory compensation to push out to extended ranges. It's an incredibly versatile tactical reticle.

  • Mil measurements
  • Illuminated broken-circle pattern with center dot
  • Rear focal plane design provides consistent reticle size at every magnification
  • Dual focal plane design allows the crosshairs to change size with magnification so mil measurements and trajectory lines are accurate at any power; illuminated broken circle remains a constant size for easy transition between short-and long-distance shooting
  • Ideal for for achieving accuracy with 5.56 and .223 ammunition
  • Trajectory compensation out to 1,000 yards

Ballistic Calibration examples for this scope.

XTR II Ballistic 5.56
XTR II Ballistic 5.56 Gen 3 Subtension