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FastFire 4 Multi-Reticles

Toggle through four reticles for optimal accuracy and target acquisition from close to far. Bright red dot allows for fast target acquisition and easy aiming. 1x magnification allows for both-eyes-open shooting, for enhanced awarness and target acquisition. Select your reticle according to personal preference, your shooting style and target: 

  • 3 MOA: Ideal for longer range shooting. The smaller dot will not obscure your view of the target.
  • 11 MOA: The larger dot is easier to see under any lighting condition. A good choice for turkey or slug gun hunting at closer ranges.
  • 11MOA and Circle: Select this reticle for personal defense weapons or close-quarter shooting situation.
  • 3 MOA and Circle with Wings: The fine is a good compromise for shooting close to mid-ranges. The circle and wings naturally draw your eye to the dot and target for faster acquisition.
FastFire 4 Reticle Map
Burris FF4 Multi Reticle Detailed