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Mounting Systems

Xtreme Tactical™ Rings

Xtreme Tactical Rings were built to withstand brutal use from competitors and tactical operators. They are lightweight, have plenty of holding power, and can endure any amount of recoil.

  • Fits on most Weaver and all Picatinny-style mounts
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Ideal for tactical use
  • Also great for hunting rifles, slug guns, and muzzleloaders
  • 1-in. and 30 mm models are made of aluminum for optimum weight savings
  • Quick-detach models available
  • 1/2-in. Picatinny Risers are available for extra height and better sight alignment
Xtreme Tactical Rings


Item NumberSizeRing HeightHeight to CenterFinish
42016030 mmLow0.85 in.Matte
420161 (Single Ring)30 mmLow0.85 in.Matte
4201801 in.Low.75 in.Matte
42016230 mmMedium1.10 in.Matte
420163 (Single Ring)30 mmMedium1.10 in.Matte
4201811 in.Medium1 in.Matte
42016430 mmHigh1.35 in.Matte
420165 (Single Ring)30 mmHigh1.35 in.Matte
4201821 in.High1.25 in.Matte
42016630 mmExtra-High1.60 in.Matte
420167 (Single Ring)30 mmExtra-High1.60 in.Matte
4201831 in.Extra-High1.50 in.Matte