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Mounting Systems

Xtreme Tactical 1 Piece Base

The Xtreme Tactical one-piece base offers the perfect mounting solution for precision shooters.

The one-piece construction provides greater strength and rigidity and the optional 25 MOA of cant offers extended range capability.

  • Milled from a single piece of solid steel
  • Compatible with all Weaver-style, Picatinny-style rings
  • Designed to work with both short and long actions
  • Matte finish


Burris Xtreme Tactical 1 Piece Base mounting solution for precision shooters


Item NumberMSRPTitleDescriptionBase Torque
410668$85XTB-Tikka0 MOA30 inch-lbs
410650$85XTB-Sav Round Rear Long25 MOA Cant30 inch-lbs
410651$85XTB-Sav Round Rear Short25 MOA Cant30 inch-lbs
410652$85XTB-700 / Howa 1500 Long Act25 MOA Cant30 inch-lbs
410653$85XTB-700 Short Action25 MOA Cant30 inch-lbs
410655$85XTB-Howa 1500 Short Action25 MOA Cant30 inch-lbs
410658$85XTB-Tikka25 MOA Cant30 inch-lbs
410660$85XTB-Sav Round Rear Long0 MOA30 inch-lbs
410661$85XTB-Sav Round Rear Short0 MOA30 inch-lbs
410662$85XTB-700 / Howa 1500 Long Act0 MOA30 inch-lbs
410663$85XTB-700 Short Action0 MOA30 inch-lbs
410665$85XTB-Howa 1500 Short Action0 MOA30 inch-lbs

* Not compatible with Stealth models, GSR models, 338 Lapua Magnum caliber rifles.