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SpeedBead™ Vent Rib Mount

Transform your shotgun into a dynamic hunting-ready weapon with the SpeedBead™ Mount. This easy-to-attach mount securely attaches the FastFire Series Red Dots, allowing you to take quicker and more precise shots on clays, waterfowl, upland, and turkeys. 

  • No drilling and tapping required
  • Rib adapters included to fit multiple rib widths
  • Red-dot is always centered to the rib and gun when mounted, with no play left or right
  • Mount provides complete rib capture, side-to-side and for full length of the mount
  • Easier target acquisition
  • Black anodized aluminum won’t damage the finish on your gun
  • Backed by the unconditional Burris Forever Warranty™
  • FastFire optics sold separately, except as noted in SpeedBead Systems

Item Number: 410688

MSRP: $60
Burris Speedbead Vent Rib Mount Angled view
SpeedBead Vent Rib Mount

SpeedBead Shotgun System Series

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