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Mounting Systems

Signature Rings™

Burris Signature Rings set the industry standard for quality. They have a reputation for reliable performance in any weather or shooting circumstance. Proven design has stood the test of time. Solid steel rings, ideal for hunting, are available for all types of optics and bases. Pos-Align Inserts offer tremendous gripping power and durability and will not damage the scope finish. Available in 1-in. and 30 mm sizes that work with standard, dovetail, double-dovetail, and Weaver-style bases Covered by the Burris Forever Warranty™

Burris Signature Rings for all types of optics and bases

Pos-Align® Inserts

Pos-Align Inserts guarantee perfect centering and maximum scope-to-ring contact, so you get all the clarity, sharpness, and brightness your optic can deliver.

  • Virtually sight in your gun without moving the scope adjustments
  • Corrects any misalignment caused by receiver holes drilled off-center
  • Corrects for bases or rings being slightly off center
  • Makes expensive tapered bases or shimming for thousand-yard shooting a thing of the past


Item NumberMSRPDescriptionRing StyleSizeRing HeightHeight to CenterFinishTop Ring TorqueRing Cross Bolts Torque
420501$53Ring PairsUniversal Dovetail1 in.Medium.77 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420511$53Ring PairsUniversal Dovetail1 in.High.89 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420520$60Zee Ring PairsWeaver-style bases1 in.Medium.77 in.Gloss20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420521$60Zee Ring PairsWeaver-style bases1 in.Medium.77 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420522$60Zee Ring PairsWeaver-style bases1 in.Medium.77 in.Nickel20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420530$60Zee Ring PairsWeaver-style bases1 in.High.92 in.Gloss20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420531$60Zee Ring PairsWeaver-style bases1 in.High.92 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420554$72Ring Pairs fit 3/8 and 11mm receiversRimfire / Airgun1 in.Medium.90 in.Matte20 inch-lbs40 inch-lbs
420556$72Ring Pairs fit 3/8 and 11mm receiversRimfire / Airgun1 in.High1.29 in.Matte20 inch-lbs40 inch-lbs
420578$78Ring PairsUniversal Dovetail30 mmMedium.78 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420581$78Ring PairsUniversal Dovetail30 mmHigh.80 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420582$78Ring PairsUniversal Dovetail30 mmExtra-High1.02 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420585$78Zee Ring PairsWeaver-style bases30 mmExtra-High1.18 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420587$78Zee Ring PairsWeaver-style bases30 mmHigh.93 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420588$78Zee Ring PairsWeaver-style bases30 mmMedium.81 in.Matte20 inch-lbs30 inch-lbs
420590$100Signature Rings Weaver-style - HighWeaver-style rings34 mmHigh1.25 in.Matte30 inch-lbs65 inch-lbs
420591$100Signature Rings Weaver-Style - MediumWeaver-style rings34 mmMedium1 in.Matte30 inch-lbs65 inch-lbs

1" rings come with "0" (zero) inserts. Offset Insert Kits (item 626019) are sold separately and come with the following:

Pos-Align Offset Insert Kits include one each of the
following inserts:
+5 and –5 (equal to +/– .005”)
+10 and –10 (equal to +/– .010”)
+20 and –20 (equal to +/–.020”)
By combining the various sizes, you can achieve from
.005” up to .040” total offset within your rings.

30 mm rings come with two sets of "0" (zero) inserts and two sets of +10 and –10 (equal to +/– .010”). These are the only insert sizes available.

34 mm rings come with two sets of "0" (zero) inserts, one set of +10 and –10, and one set of +20 and –20.

*420554, 420556: Come with a spare set of clamps designed to fit 11mm dovetails. 11mm clamps are stamped with the letter A.