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Mounting Systems

Rimfire and Airgun Rings

Burris Rimfire and Airgun Rings are the highest quality available. They are known in the industry for reliable performance under any conditions.

  • Fits 3/8 receivers.
  • Use with rimfire and airgun optics
  • Durable, with strong gripping power
  • 1-in. size
  • Time-tested, proven design
  • Available in solid steel or aluminum
  • Available aluminum rings create lightweight mounting solutions
Burris Rimfire Rings


Item NumberMSRPSizeRing HeightHeight to CenterFinishTop Ring TorqueRing Cross Bolts Torque
420068$661 in.Medium.80 in.Matte20 inch-lbs40 inch-lbs
420069$481 in.Medium.80 in.Matte20 inch-lbs40 inch-lbs
420071$291 in.Medium.80 in.Gloss20 inch-lbs40 inch-lbs
420072$481 in.Medium.80 in.Gloss20 inch-lbs40 inch-lbs
420073$491 in.High0.95 in.Gloss20 inch-lbs40 inch-lbs
420076$481 in.High0.95 in.Matte20 inch-lbs40 inch-lbs

Also Available: Signature Rimfire/ Airgun Rings (Item Number 420554 & 420556)