Trumount Universal Bases

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These machined solid steel bases create a secure mounting solution. Bases are a building block of an accurate shooting system.

  • Properly aligns your scope and anchors it to your gun
  • Complements nearly any hunting rifle platform
  • 2-piece design
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Reversible style available for long scopes with large bells or for short scopes; allows the front ring to be set 0.850 in. farther forward or rearward
  • Backed by the unconditional Burris Forever Warranty™

See Specs tab for full list of available bases

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410293TU 700 (Remington 700 Short and Long)Matte 
410297TU 700 (Remington 700 Short and Long)Nickel 
410253TU-700 REV (Remington 700 Short and Long)MatteYES
410284TU-70 A/AH (Winchester Short/Long H&H)Black 
410294TU-70 A/AH (Winchester 70 Short/Long H&H)Matte 
410288TU-110 (Savage Short/Long Flat Rear)Matte 
410248TU-110 REV (Savage Short/Long Flat Rear)MatteYES
410246TU-110 R (Savage Short/Long Round Rear)Matte 
410247TU-110 R (Savage Short/Long Round Rear)Nickel 
410249TU-110 R REV (Savage Short/Long Round Rear)MatteYES
410291TU-A (Browning A-Bolt Short and Long)Matte 
410290TU-A (Browning A-Bolt Short and Long)Nickel 
410236TU-XBolt (Browning XBolt)Matte 
410266TU-TIKKA REV (Tikka Reversible)MatteYES
410267TU-TIKKA REV (Tikka Reversible)NickelYES
410287TU-SAKO (Sako Medium and Long)Black 
410269TU-TIKKA (Tikka single front dovetail)Matte 
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May 23, 2022
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