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The Burris Company was formed in 1971 and named after its founder Don Burris. Burris was a design engineer with Redfield, a Denver-based optics company, who believed he could build a better riflescope than what was currently available.

During his 12-year career with Redfield, he focused on product design and management and was responsible for many industry innovations such as:

  • The first constantly centered non-magnifying reticle in variable power scopes. a design used in 99% of all scopes today
  • The first 4-12x and 6-18x riflescopes
  • The Redfield Accu-Range trajectory compensating dual reticle scope
  • The Redfield Wideview riflescope

During the company’s first four years, Don Burris’ new company produced rings, bases, and open sights, but it wasn’t long before he was back to the design and manufacture of sporting optics. The company’s first optic was a riflescope called the Fullfield, which he began to market in 1975 and it has grown to be an industry icon that is still manufactured today.

Although Don Burris passed on in 1987 the company that bears his name continued to grow and be the first to market with a number of innovative products. It was acquired by Beretta Holdings in 2002 and became part of the Beretta family of companies. Today, the company’s product line includes hunting and tactical riflescope scopes, red-dot and reflex sights, and a complete line of rings and bases.

Burris Company Timeline 1971


Established and named after its founder, Don Burris

1975 – 1978

Introduced the Fullfield riflescopes series and designed to greatly exceed the performance of the-then most popular Redfield Wideview scope.  During this period, the Fullfield line grew to include magnification ranges from 1.75 -5x to 6-18x


Burris launches Compact and Handgun scopes


Offers the first American made scopes with multi-coated lenses to optimize light transmission.


Launches the now-famous Zee Rings, which are the most fail-proof of any rings to fit Weaver-style bases


Introduced the industry’s first variable power handgun scope


Introduced the industry’s first Scout Scope


Developed the patented Posi-Lock® system that eliminated any binding or thread backlash in the adjusting system to absolutely assure repeatable accuracy.


Introduced the Signature Rings, which gave shooters the ability to sight in his gun using just the rings.


The Ballistic Plex™ reticle with trajectory compensation is introduced along with the world’s first titanium riflescope  - Burris Black Diamond Titanium™


Burris is acquired by Beretta.


Introduced the first LaserScope that instantly provided distance to your target.


Launched the FastFire, a mini red dot reflex sight that has become the choice of hunters and tactical shooters to this day.


The revolutionary Burris Eliminator changes the optics market with its laser rangefinder and automatic BDC capabilities


The premium line Veracity riflescopes is introduced to the hunting market. Featuring front focal plane reticles, zero click stop adjustments and a 5x zoom system.


New XTR Signature Rings™ with Pos-Align® offset Inserts bring the same benefits tactical shooters that hunters have enjoyed for years.