Optic Repairs

For repair service

  • Go directly to our Support Portal (button below) to immediately set up your Service Request. Or call 1-888-440-0244
  • Insure the shipment and keep the shipment tracking records. Burris can’t be responsible for your product until we physically receive it.
  • Prepay the shipping charges and ship by mail, UPS, or other parcel service.
  • Within the U.S: Send to Burris Company, Inc., 331 E. 8th Street, Greeley, CO 80631.
  • Outside the U.S., contact your nearest Burris distributor for shipping instructions.


Burris pays for shipping back to you.

Burris repairs are now averaging 2-4 week turnaround times.

Items to Check Before Sending a Scope for Repair

Each year, we receive a significant number of scopes for repair that are found to function perfectly. We encourage you to review the following before sending a scope for repair.

Insufficient windage adjustment

Possible CauseBase mounting holes drilled out of alignment with center of bore, or barrel threaded into receiver at an angleScope tube bent at bell or eyepiece
SolutionUse Burris universal bases with windage adjustment or Pos-Align® Inserts to correct alignmentReturn to Burris for repair

Insufficient elevation adjustment

Possible CauseReceiver diameter out of specification, or barrel threaded in at an angleScope tube bent
SolutionShim, or use Burris Signature Rings™ and Pos-Align InsertsReturn to Burris for repair

Grouping or accuracy problems

Possible CauseBarrel or chamber throat erosion, stock warpage, stock bedding problem, loose mount, heavy trigger pull 
SolutionConsult with a competent gunsmith 

Focus or image not clear

Possible CauseObject too close, eyepiece out of focus, or parallax adjustment not correctly set 
SolutionRefer to product instructions for focusing reticle and adjusting parallax 
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