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Custom Knob Tips

Burris offers custom knobs for several different scopes.


With a custom knob, we take your exact shooting situation (elevation, cartridge, etc) and use that to determine as closely as possible the click marks for yard markers. Dial to 350 yards, for example, and you'll be dead on.

The cost for a custom knob is $49.99.

They are available these riflescope models:

  • AR
  • MSR
  • C4 Plus
  • Predator Quest
  • Droptine
  • Veracity
  • Fullfield E1
  • XTR II

Here's the process to get a custom knob:

  1. Use the ballistic tools to enter your precise data. PLEASE setup an account first, so we know who you are. Then, go to CUSTOM KNOB tool. Get your data exactly how you want it. Adjust the data with the TRUEING feature if needed. Save the profile if you want, so you can come back to it later.

  2. Once your data is set, go to the last step of Custom Knobs. Put in a label for your Custom Knob. It can be your name, or something like "ELK CAMP" or "6.5 Creedmoor" or "KILL STICK." We don't care! Then, click on proceed to order.

  3. When you click on proceed to order, you'll be automatically sent to our online store. This is where we process all credit cards (and sell a lot of hats!). Add the item to your cart, use a coupon code if you have one, and checkout. Just like you'd do on any online store. Feel free to add a hat or anything else to your order if you'd like.

  4. We also offer custom windmaps. These take the same ballistic data you entered here, and give you hold-off points based on your exact situation. Plus, they look great and are designed to fit neatly onto the objective bell, and be easily readable from the shooting position. You can request one of those on the store order page.

  5. All over except the waiting. Custom knobs are truly custom. Once your order is placed, our technical team will take your data, and adjust it to fit the knob for your scope. It's part ballistic science, and part art - we adjust the font sizes and labels to look their absolute best. Current turn around time is 2-3 weeks.