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October 31, 2017

Bruce Piatt: Champion Shooter

Even a World Champion shooter like Bruce Piatt can appreciate the technology Burris packs into the Eliminator Laserscope.
By Bruce Piatt

How do you impress one of the greatest shooters in the world? In this 90 second video, Bruce Piatt goes over what it is about the Burris Eliminator that he finds interesting. 

About Bruce: Bruce Piatt is a seasoned World Champion professional competitor winning multiple world and national championships. Dominating the shooting sports for more than 28 years, Piatt's lists of accomplishments as a former Law Enforcement Officer and in the shooting sports is staggering. Winning USPSA Law Enforcement Division National Championship 20 times, a five time Bianchi Cup National Champion and a five time winner of the Soldier of Fortune World Tactical 3-Gun Championship to name a few.