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March 2, 2022

What To Expect When Shooting Your First Rimfire Match

Dorgan Trostel and Doug Lynch walk you through shooting your first (NRL22 or NRL22x) rimfire match in the second video of our Burris University Rimfire Video Series.


The first thing you can expect is to receive your match book which should include the targets, yardages, and required equipment. The targets can include things like multiple targets each with their own method of engagement, know your limit racks, and troop lines to name a few.

Always have a rangefinder and binoculars with you to confirm distances and find targets. Your match book is also a great place to draw target locations and include any landmarks that you see to help you find them easier when its actually time to shoot. Wind holds are also a good idea to write down for each target based on current wind speed and direction. Finally, if you have an XTR 3 or XTR Pro with a race dial, be sure to draw in your targets on your race dial for faster shooting and better scores!

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