July 18, 2022

Wild Hog Hunting | HuntStand

"Every serious hunter maintains some kind of bucket list. For some, it's composed mainly of extravagant, once-in-a-lifetime hunts for North American trophy big game animals or exotic international species. Sure, I dream of those types of hunts, but I also keep several more attainable hunting adventures on my list—and a thermal hog hunt is a box I've been hoping to check for some time. I've enjoyed many hog hunts during the past decade, but doing it after dark was a thrilling proposition that I just couldn't resist. Finally, I got a chance to go after "Night Swine" while also on a mission to test new Burris thermal optics.

Hunting hogs at night is not only fun, but also very effective because of their nocturnal tendencies. Feeding, breeding, rooting and landscape destruction ... the majority of feral hogs do their dirty business after dark. Now that Burris offers a full line of thermal optics to pair with the company's traditional optics, getting the drop on hogs (and putting wild pork on the table) is an approachable 24/7 opportunity." - Josh Dahlke, HuntStand

Original Article: Hunting Hogs At Night With Thermal

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