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AR-Signature QD P.E.P.R.™ Mount

The new streamlined design with QD mount insures ¼ MOA re-mount capability and allows for use of back up iron sights while maintaining proper eye-relief. Available in 30, 34 and 35-mm options with Burris’ Signature polymer ring inserts, it provides adjustment from 5 to 40 MOA without using windage/elevation knobs.

Dimensions are in inches. See image above for dimension (A-F) info.

ItemSizeWeightABCDEFQD Mount
41035230 mm10.33 oz.812.
41035334 mm10.09 oz..762.
41035435 mm10.09 oz..762.


2019 Burris Optics Catalog
January 3, 2019
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