$200 Instant Savings on long range XTR II

From February 1st to March 31st, 2018, get an INSTANT $200 off the retail cost of most of the larger, long-range XTR II Scopes.

No forms, no waiting for a rebate check: this is your favorite participating Burris Reseller giving you an instant $200 savings.

Available on the following models:

201031, 3-15x50 SCR MIL

201032, 3-15x50 SCR MOA

201042, 4-20x, SCR MIL

201043, 4-20x, SCR MOA

201051, 5-25x, SCR MIL

201056, 5-25x, SCR MIL in Flat Dark Earth

201052, 5-25x, SCR MOA


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