$100 Eliminator Rebate

September 1st through December 31st, 2018

Get $100 back from Burris on the purchase of a Burris Eliminator III Laserscope (4-16x50).

Valid in US and Canada

Download the rebate form here

Want to get the rebate instantly? Purchase the Eliminator directly from Burris, and take the $100 off the purchase price. No paperwork, no waiting.



AR Prism Sight Promotion: FREE FastFire 3

Available at your favorite participating Burris retailer, these limited-time only special bundle packs contains either an AR-332 or an AR-536 prism site, packaged together with a free FastFire 3. It's a $250 value, and it makes for one of the most popular combinations in tactical shooting!

There's nothing to send in: just look for the special bundle in stores. If you're looking online, look for these part numbers:

300177, AR-332 with Ballistic CQ reticle, and FREE FastFire 3

300178, AR-536 with Ballistic CQ reticle, and FREE FastFire 3

Veracity 3-15x Promotion: FREE SCOPE!

October 1 - December 31st

By a Veracity and get a free Fullfield E1

A $379 value, this is a special bundle available at participating Burris retailers. 

Buy a Veracity 3-15x50 (#200636) and it comes with a Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42mm scope with the long range MOA reticle (#200344).

Look for part number 200637-PKG.

Fullfield E1 Promotion: FREE SCOPE!

September 1 - November 30th

Buy a Fullfield E1 4.5-14x42, and get a free Fullfield II 3-9x40.

This is a special bundle available at particiapting Burris retailers.

Look for Burris part number 200345-PKG

The Fullfield E1 is part number 200338. The free Fullfield II is part number 200162.

Spotting Scope: Free FastFire 3 promotion

The Burris Spotting scope is designed to use the Burris FastFire 3 as a way to very quickly get on target.

From October 1st to December 31st, Burris is giving you the FastFire for FREE, with every Burris Spotting scope purchase.

This is a mail-in redemption. See details and get the download redemption form by clicking here.



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