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Burris Optics Thermal ClipOn | New Product 2021


Burris's new Thermal Optics product line offers a Thermal Riflescope, Handheld and Clip-On. No matter your need, these feature packed thermal optics will let you take night hunting to the next level!

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Thermal Riflescope

Offering 4 power zoom, hot track, stadiametric ranging and 5 unique color palettes – this scope is packed with features to help you own the night.

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Thermal Handheld

With a modern, lightweight design the Thermal Handheld has the ability to hot track targets over 750 yards away.

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Thermal Clip-On

Use the Clip-on as a handheld tracker or turn any traditional riflescope into a thermal scope with a simple attachment.

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Burris Optics Oracle X | New Product 2021


Introducing rangefinding crossbow scope and a newer model bow sight. The Oracle X Crossbow and Oracle 2 Bow Sight provide the distance to your target and exact aiming point. 

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Oracle X Crossbow Scope

The Oracle X is the first and most advanced rangefinding crossbow scope on the market today! Features a built-in laser rangefinder that is activated via the wireless remote or the range button on the scope. At the push of a button, the Oracle X instantly provides the distance to your target and exact aiming point factoring in the angle of your shot.

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Oracle 2 Rangefinding Bow Sight

The Oracle 2 is the newer, improved model of the original Oracle. Improved Auto-Brightness Detection, Manual Brightness Control (lower levels), and Set-Up (micro-adjustments on LRF). The Oracle 2 instantly provides the distance to your target and an exact aiming point that factors in the angle of your shot. 

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