XTR Rings

The XTR Xtreme Tactical rings were created specifically for the tactical shooter who puts a premium on less weight and plenty of holding power. From smaller carbines to the most powerful magnums, XTR rings will stand up to years of use and recoil. They are also great for hunting rifles, slug guns or muzzleloaders.

Available in both 1" and 30mm sizes and a choice of four ring heights, Burris now offers Quick Detach (QD) models in 1" and 30mm in Medium and X-High. Standard Xtreme Tactical Rings will work with any Weaver or Picatinny- style bases, while QD Rings will work with Pictanny-style bases and AR platforms. The extra-high 1" version is ideal for AR15/M16 flattop receivers where scope height is critical.




Picatinny Top for XTR Rings
Picatinny slots atop an XTR Ring allow the mounting of accessories on top of an XTR ring.

1"       Item # 420189
30mm Item # 420169


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1/2” Picatinny Riser
Need a little extra height for better sight alignment? The ½” Picatinny Riser is the perfect solution for AR and M16 receivers and other sporting rifles, too.
Height: .5"
Length: 1.5"
Item # 410340

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XTB Weaver-style Solid Steel Bases
Xtreme Tactical Bases are crafted from solid steel and engineered for maximum mounting flexibility and minimal height and weight. Mil-spec cross slots guarantee rock-solid attachment with any and all Weaver-style, Picatinny-style or mil-spec rings. Front base is reversible to provide multiple ring positions to accommodate various scope lengths.

410600 Remington 700
410605 Winchester 70+ Express
410606 Winchester 70 Super Short
410620 Savage with Flat Rear
410615 Savage with Round Rear
410625 Browning A-Bolt
410626 Browning A-Bolt Super Short
410630 Tikka
410331 Sako Dovetail (aluminum)

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