Unconditional Forever Warranty

Every single Burris optic is covered by the Unconditional Forever Warranty.

*Even if your packaging or user manual indicates your product has a limited warranty, it is now covered by the NEW Burris Unconditional Forever Warranty. We pledge to protect our entire product line – including glass, coatings, electronics, scope tubes, and everything in between – with this unconditional promise and guarantee.

“Lifetime” warranties are a dime a dozen in the optics world these days. The Burris Forever Warranty™ means just that – Forever – for anything, other than loss, theft or deliberate damage.

We will repair or replace your Burris optic if damaged or defective:
• No charge to you.
• No questions asked.
• No matter whose fault it is.
• No warranty card needed.
• No receipt required.
• Automatically transferred to future owners.

We walk in our customers’ shoes. We see what you see. We don’t just design and build superior optics, we live our lives as passionate hunters and shooters. We insist that our equipment provide the ultimate in confidence – for us and for you.

The American ingenuity, innovation and technology in our products provide you the confidence to hit any target, at any range, again and again.

The Burris Forever Warranty is your extra assurance for the best possible shooting experiences, because every Burris tells a story – yours and ours.

Shipping charges to Burris should be prepaid by the owner. Insure the shipment. Burris can’t be responsible for your product until we receive it. There are no other warranties, either expressed or implied, contained herein except for such that may arise under certain state laws. In that event, said implied warranties are limited in scope and duration to the terms of this warranty. Burris is not liable for incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to lost profits or other economic or commercial losses. This warranty gives the owner certain legal rights, and possibly other rights which may vary from state to state. Under the guidelines of the Consumer Protection Agency, this is considered a limited warranty.

When returning your product be sure to fill out the Return Authorization form.

Repair Authorization Form

Ship the product prepaid and Insured by mail, UPS, or other parcel service. Please keep tracking records for the shipment. Burris can’t be responsible for your scope until we physically receive it. Burris pays for shipping back to you.

Things you should check before returning the scope
A significant number of scopes are returned to Burris each year that are found to function perfectly. To avoid unnecessary delays and expenses we encourage you to check for the following conditions.

Insufficient windage adjustment
1. Base mounting holes drilled out of alignment with center of bore
2. Barrel threaded into receiver at an angle
3. Scope tube bent at bell or eyepiece
Solution—Use Burris universal bases with windage adjustment or Signature Rings and Pos-Align Offset Inserts to correct any alignment problem.

Insufficient elevation adjustment
1. Receiver diameter out of specification
2. Barrel threaded in at an angle
3. Scope tube bent
Solution—Receiver or barrel problems will require shimming or the use of Burris Signature Rings and Pos-Align Offset Inserts. .001" will move point of impact approximately one inch at 100 yards.

Grouping or accuracy
1. Barrel or chamber throat erosion
2. Stock warpage
3. Stock Bedding problem
4. Loose mount
5. Heavy trigger pull
Solution—Consult with competent gunsmith

Focus or image not clear
1. Object too close
2. Eyepiece out of focus
3. Parallax adjustment not set correctly
Solution—Read instructions on how to focus reticle and parallax adjustments.

Send the scope to the following address:
Owners of Burris products in the United States send to:
Burris Company, Inc., 331 E. 8th Street, Greeley, Colorado 80631

Outside of the U.S., owners should contact their nearest Burris distributor (see http://www.burrisoptics.com/uksite/dealers.html for a list of international distributors) for instructions.







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