FastFire Sights

Waterproof Red Dot Reflex Sight

FastFire sights are light, small and tough, placing a powerful bright red dot on your target. They’re perfect as a primary sight or paired on top of an existing optic or laser. The electronics and chassis are built tough to handle the abuse of competition and hunting. All FastFire sights are waterproof and shockproof and covered by the Forever Warranty. A wide variety of mounting options let you equip your favorite rifles and pistols with a fast-action FastFire.

The FastFire III models are available with either a 3 MOA or 8 MOA dot size, and gives you three manual brightness settings as well as an automatic brightness setting. Top mounted battery provides easy access without removing the sight. Upgraded windage and elevation adjustments are easy and accurate.

The FastFire II provides a 4 MOA dot and an automatic brightness sensor that adjusts to match your environmental conditions. Whether you choose the III or the II, FastFire will keep you slamming targets.

Scope Tube FastFire™ Mount
Every tactical operator needs options when it comes to mounting accessories. Now you can position a FastFire secondary optic in nearly any radial position on your primary optic. The Scope Tube FastFire Mount allows your primary optic to remain on a higher magnification while quickly switching to the FastFire sight for ultra-fast close quarters target engagement. It's also great for long-range target acquisition and weapon alignment to then be engaged with your high power primary optic.

Item # 410337 1"
Item # 410338 30mm
Item # 410339 34mm


Picatinny Protector Mount
The Picatinny Protector is a simple but effective mount for severe duty applications. Designed for the all FastFires, it protects the lenses from impact. Can be easily mounted on pistols, rifles or shotguns with Weaver or Picatinny-style bases.
Item # 410330



AR-F3 Mount
The AR-F3 (Flattop FastFire Mount) is designed to protect the newer FastFire III but will accommodate older FastFire I and II models. Easy to install on any AR platform, pistol, rifle or shotgun, it’s a great accessory for multi-gun shooters. Mounts low enough to use alone or as a co-witness your iron sights. Provides easy access for illumination controls and also features a compartment for carrying a spare battery, open-end wrench and Torx® wrench.
Fits any Weaver or Picatinny-style base.
Item # 410348



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