Open your eyes to exceptional performance and value.

Mother Nature reveals her most intimate secrets at first light. Whitetails on the move. The bravado of a rutting elk as challengers approach. Mallards preening in the mist. The breath of a bedded mule deer. Look closely. It’s all there. You just have to see the light.

Burris makes tools that let you take in every detail. Binoculars engineered clear and powerful to penetrate the twilight. Superb spotting scopes that get you up close and personal with the most elusive game. Rugged rifle scopes so precise, long-range shots become second nature. All at prices that won’t damage your financial environment. See the light at a Burris dealer near you.

Our customers tend to be pretty hardcore. They’re the guys who eat, sleep and breathe hunting. Guys who would never let a little thing like pouring rain or sub-freezing temperatures put a damper on a hunt. Dawn-to-dusk hikes in brutal terrain. Hours of glassing. Wet feet. Cold coffee. No problem. They simply come with the territory. To these guys, there’s nothing better than fresh tracking snow, a breeze in their face and a rifle that will put bullets on the money from one zip code to the next. Which is exactly why they choose Burris optics.

We share their passsion. We’ve been there, done that. And it shows in every riflescope, binocular, and spotting scope we make.

To build a Burris scope, we start with some of the world’s best glass, then grind and polish it to exacting tolerances. We index-match our HiLume® multi-coating to every lens so each surface transmits 99.5% of the light.

That optical excellence makes a huge difference in the critical half-light of dawn and dusk. We assemble those lenses in the toughest 6061T6 aluminum outer tubes made. Double spring tension secures the internal tube. All adjustment systems are positive, repeatable, steel-on-steel, with audible clicks. That translates to unfailing shot-to-shot accuracy, no matter how hard you hunt or how heavy a magnum you shoot.

Every molecule of moisture is purged from the scope by injecting it — 24 times to be exact— with laboratory-grade dry nitrogen. Once the moisture is gone, Burris-exclusive quad seals make sure it stays gone. For life.

We manufacture most of our products here in the USA, in our own factory. We’re sticklers for detail — maybe even a little obsessive. We back most of what we make with a Forever Warranty.™ Our customers head for the hunting grounds confident that their optics will deliver all the performance they paid for.

Okay. We admit it. We’re pretty hardcore when it comes to how our riflescopes and other optics perform. But our customers wouldn’t have it any other way.


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