C4 scopes


Burris is proud of our family of C4 Plus custom riflescopes, designed for the sportsman who wants to maximize his cartridges’ ballistic potential. The Cartridge Calibrated Custom Clicker (plus WindMap) gives hunters the ability to match elevation adjustment to their favorite cartridge – just dial in your range and say goodbye to holdover. Shooters also receive a custom WindMap to help calculate wind hold-off for their exact ammunition. The uncluttered C4 Wind MOA reticle is easy-to-use, working seamlessly with both the custom turret and WindMap for precise aiming. Surgical accuracy is now well within reach with the C4 Plus system.

Customized WindMap™
The customized Burris WindMap™ works seamlessly with your customized elevation knob, providing wind hold-off information calculated for your exact cartridge. The value tells you how many MOA tick marks to hold into the wind to compensate for a 10MPH wind at 100-yard increments. Burris Riflescopes take the guesswork out of aiming and deliver an affordable customized shooting experience.




With C4 Plus technology, you see your target and the windage compensating reticle with your right eye. Simply refocus to your left eye and you can easily see the WindMap (as shown above).

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